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Unforgettable holidays across the Balkan countries
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From: 4790€/person
20 nights / 21 days
An adrenaline-infused Balkan adventure to beautiful cities, and breathtaking nature for those who want a bit of excitement on their Balkan travel.
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National Park of Plitvice Lakes
From: 4490€/person
20 nights / 21 days
Get the full Balkan experience on a three-week-long Balkan holiday. Take the time to explore this region — you won’t regret a second of your Grand Balkan Trip!
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From: 3390€/person
15 nights / 16 days
An unforgettable 16-day tour of the not-to-miss Balkan highlights, covering the very best of the Balkans attractions with a comfortable pace.
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From: 3590€/person
13 nights / 14 days
Join us on our foodies’ Balkan tour and experience Balkan cuisine. From perfect sights to perfect bites, this Balkan holiday will satisfy all your cravings.
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From: 2290€/person
11 nights / 12 days
Venture on a Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia travel adventure and discover the vibrancy of its cities and the serene nature on this Balkan trip.
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From: 1690€/person
7 nights / 8 days
Discover the cultural colorfulness and natural wonders with our holidays in Slovenia and Croatia, and get the most in the shortest amount of time.
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About Balkan Tours

The Balkans are a tremendously fascinating area of south-eastern Europe that one simply has to visit to understand why. It’s a melting pot of… well, everything. Geographically, politically, socially, culturally, historically, and gastronomically speaking, the Balkans are a perfect blend for travelers who want to spoil all their senses.

Balkan travel offers an amazing opportunity to discover the very best this fascinating region has in store. You get to witness the spectacular diversity, both cultural and natural, as you travel from one stunning location to the next. The carefully planned itineraries of these extensive holiday packages include many wonderful countries and reveal some of their most prized treasures.

Except for Albania, once sister states in former Yugoslavia and today friendly neighbors with their sights on a prosperous future, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro are waiting to be explored. All share several common characteristics yet differ in many more.

When you join our Balkan Tour, you take a journey back in time, visiting medieval castles in Slovenia’s countryside, Roman ruins on the Dalmatian coast, and renowned remnants of the Ottoman Empire on the banks of a Bosnian river.

Any chosen Balkan trip is a sightseer’s dream, taking you to places like Lake Bled in the Alps, the charming capitals of Ljubljana and Zagreb contrasted with exuberant Belgrade and oriental Sarajevo, deep into world-famous karst caves and breath-taking national parks. From green valleys to the Adriatic Sea with its gorgeous islands and historical masterpieces like Kotor and Dubrovnik our tours will take you even further south to the offbeat Albania, which surprises with azure beaches and stunning nature.

But it’s not just about the places themselves on Balkan tours, it’s about the people, the food, it’s about tasting, observing, and feeling the marvelous mosaic called the Balkans.

As a local agency with a soft spot for everything about the Balkan peninsula, we decided to put our years-long traveling experience and expertise to good use and present Balkan through our eyes to tourists from around the world.

Besides seeing numerous unforgettable landmarks and learning a great deal about the local life, our tours of the Balkans also offer plenty of time to just relax, sit, stroll around, and take it all in. One adventure-packed day at a time for a perfect Balkan vacation.

Awsome adventures

Our team of local people with vast experience has cherry picked the best things to do in Slovenia for all sorts of travellers.

Local guides

Our guides are fun, know all the best places to visit in the Balkan region and will make sure you have the best experience

100% Balkan

We are an international team from the Balkans and our tours have been carefully designed to ensure memorable travel

Company you can trust

We are a fully bonded and insured travel company, keeping your money safe and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first


Offering travel in private or small groups, so you can explore without rushing and immerse yourself in the local culture
Olivia Hillam
Verified Customer
At the start, I wanted to do a tour of the Balkans on my own, but then it seemed really hard with all the logistics and arranging everything from overseas. I contacted The Balkan Tours and everything they proposed ended up being just perfect for me and my husband.
Sebastian Adair
Verified Customer
We are so greatful that we found this travel agency. Initially, we wanted to go to Croatia only, but then we saw that there is so much to see and do in the whole area, that we decided to do a long 3-week tour. We are definitely coming back!
Tony Eilerts
Verified Customer
Local agency with amazing staff, very helpful and really know their stuff! We were so impressed by the locations and all the less touristy things that we were able to see. If you want a good tour with amazing people, this is the place to go to!

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