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Balkan Holidays

Explore our diverse selection of Balkan Holidays and explore the diverse and beautiful countries of the Balkans on a vacation of a lifetime.
From: 4790€/person
20 nights / 21 days
An adrenaline-infused Balkan adventure to beautiful cities, and breathtaking nature for those who want a bit of excitement on their Balkan travel.
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National Park of Plitvice Lakes
From: 4490€/person
20 nights / 21 days
Get the full Balkan experience on a three-week-long Balkan holiday. Take the time to explore this region — you won’t regret a second of your Grand Balkan Trip!
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From: 3390€/person
15 nights / 16 days
An unforgettable 16-day tour of the not-to-miss Balkan highlights, covering the very best of the Balkans attractions with a comfortable pace.
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From: 3590€/person
13 nights / 14 days
Join us on our foodies’ Balkan tour and experience Balkan cuisine. From perfect sights to perfect bites, this Balkan holiday will satisfy all your cravings.
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From: 2290€/person
11 nights / 12 days
Venture on a Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia travel adventure and discover the vibrancy of its cities and the serene nature on this Balkan trip.
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From: 1690€/person
7 nights / 8 days
Discover the cultural colorfulness and natural wonders with our holidays in Slovenia and Croatia, and get the most in the shortest amount of time.
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About Balkan Holidays

The Balkan region is packed with so many incredible sights, cities, and scenery that the task of planning the perfect Balkan holidays can quickly become overwhelming. This region is a true crossroads of cultures, and all the different influences, cultural traditions, and historic events create a mosaic you could gaze at forever and never get bored.

But the culture and history are not the only things bringing richness and color to the Balkans. With unique landscapes and natural wonders, from mountains, waterfalls, and rivers to caves and one of the most amazing coastlines in the world, it is no wonder that national parks and UNESCO sites are found all over the Balkans. Who wouldn’t want to protect all that beauty?

A lifetime in the Balkans would hardly be enough to cover everything there is to see, but don’t let that overwhelm you. It only means you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable time on your Balkan holiday in 2022.

We have cherry-picked the best things to see and do, with any time frame that suits you, from an 8-day Balkan travel tasting menu to a 21-day odyssey. Choose from our various planned itineraries and enjoy experiences that feature both famous attractions and lesser-known sites as well as opportunities to meet the local people.

Our holidays include a number of locations and routes through different Balkan countries, all featuring the top attractions and cultural sites. This gives any traveler an opportunity to get a good general sense of the Balkans and create some amazing memories.

We also offer slightly more specialized holidays. We have designed an active and adventurous journey through the national parks and natural wonders of the Balkans for people who want to stay active on their holidays and wonder at the incredible natural beauty surrounding them.

Those who would like to focus on exercising their taste buds instead of muscles can join us on our decadent food & wine Balkan tour. This is a holiday for foodies who want to explore the various culinary delights of the region. Apart from seeing the sights, every day includes a tasting or other unique experiences connected with food.

If you still weren’t able to find what you’re looking for in the paragraphs above, let us know here. We will be happy to help you realize your ideal Balkan holiday.

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