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Hey! I'm Ivana, the Manager of The Balkan Tours.

I started with The Balkan Tours because I believed the tours around the Balkans could be better: more diverse, more flexible and personalised, and with a greater focus on culture, nature, history and food.

I’ve been in tourism since my university days when I was guiding exchange students around the Balkans. Although I wasn’t a professional guide back then, that passion of mine carried into my adulthood, when I decided that this is what I want to do.

The dynamic nature of working as a tourist guide, always being outside — All this inspires me every day to keep at it. Coupled with lots of awesome clients I meet, I couldn’t dream of anything else I would rather do.

While I gained a lot of experience in my previous jobs, I also got to know what people who travel want — what their needs are, the most common complaints, and what brings them joy. The Balkans are such a wonderful place that it would be a waste if a bad tour experience ruins it.

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

That’s why I got the idea for The Balkan Tours travel agency with one simple goal: to make the Balkans one of the top destinations when people plan their holidays. 

How? To make every guest of ours remember their tour here most fondly, and recommend it to everyone they know.

Balkans are the hidden gem of Europe

The Balkans are still largely unknown to the wider world as a travelling destination. That’s why we want to share with you all that we know about that area and its culture. We have everything from sunny beaches on our Mediterranean coast in summer, skiing in the winter, to hiking tours in our mountains during spring and autumn. The Balkans are beautiful every time of the year.

That also makes the Balkans an awesome travel destination! Because it’s relatively unknown, it offers great value for money. But not only that!

View of Sarajevo from above

It covers a wide area with a big mix of unique cultures and diverse landscapes, each worth knowing just on its own. In that sense, you don’t have to travel far to see and experience a lot. And of course, everyone falls in love with the delicious food once they try it.

The positive feedback we get from our guests shows our international team and me that we are on the right track. All kinds of people come on our tours, and nobody leaves dissatisfied. Why? Because Balkans is a place full of surprises where everyone can find something for themselves.

Striving to be the best Balkan travel agency

We are a local agency committed to sharing our love for the Balkans with travelers from all around the world. We operate under the umbrella brand of Slovenia Discovery, which is a leading destination specialist with multiple brands in the region.


Our international team includes individuals from different parts of the Balkans, who are able to bring even more insight into our various Balkan tours. While all of us in The Balkan Tours team have the advantage of being a local in one part of the region, our travel experience makes up for the rest of it. Years of traveling and road-tripping across the Balkan countries combined with professional travel planning expertise make us exactly what you need for an unforgettable Balkan travel experience.

We have years of experience in providing activities, tours, and holiday packages for all different kinds of travelers. Our tours combine cultural discoveries, outdoor adventures, gastronomical pleasures, and so much more! We have worked hard to come up with diverse and comprehensive itineraries that would cover as many different interests as possible.

Happy people jumping
Ideal trips in diverse landscapes

Despite this, we know every person is unique and therefore has their own unique needs and wishes. This is why you always have the option to contact us and let us know how we can adapt a tour to best fit your ideal Balkan trip

We only work with tried and tested partners to bring you the best experience possible. The Balkan Tours travel agency is also a financially protected company, meaning your booking with us is always safe and secure.

Hope to see you soon — Contact us and let your Balkan adventure begin!

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